Soldier and Forest Rehabilitation Coalition

Saving Our National Treasures – Our Soldiers, Our Wilderness

& Our Native American Culture



Twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide, NOT counting suicide by car, cop, or overdose. The drugs prescribed for PTSD are an almost certain journey to heroin addiction.

It is this country’s biggest social tragedy, the suicide of our veteran Soldiers.


Nature has the power to heal the mind.


Our forest is ripe with not only wood litter, but worse, fire ladder. First, we cut too much, then nothing, and then say fire is natural. No, when fire was natural the forest floor burned every few years and left the trees and soil intact. We have to stop catastrophic heat that destroys the soil.



Imagine comrades gathering together with a new and nurturing mission. A Tribal leader and Medicine Man teach Native American cultural ceremonies to heal and drive out negativity. They will pass on the spiritual respect for Mother Earth, the guidance to follow when nurturing the forest. Locals will train safe practices and strategic parameters.


Some will prevent catastrophic fire using hand tools designated for Wilderness Areas. Some will rehabilitate damaged and contaminated soils, and plant for a new generation.


We have three committees working on logistics, advisory, and collaborating with a detox center for those who need it. 


This project will limit strict guidelines for work detail. Many projects will be initiated and developed by the workforce, This solution is by the people.




Our Anthem - Children of Destiny

Special Thanks to Neil Young and Promise of the Real

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