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Introducing a company manufacturing display fixtures in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California, Trinity Mountain Products!


Trinity Mountain Products is a full service facility. We start with consultation and customer service. We design and manufacture primarily wood fixtures for retail display that enhance a shopper's experience and with that, increase sales.


We provide assistance in layout of fixtures to optimize the shopping environment, maximizing profit. Many of our fixtures nest for daily expansion and shrink, ensuring an appealing display throughout the day.


Buyers in this economy demand a good value. TMP manufactures a durable and economical product. The number one value of a fixture supplier is service, buyers come to TMP to solve problems for them. It is our goal to engage our buyers at a sophisticated level in their endeavors to create the optimum selling environment for the retail customer. Because our customer service is responsive to customer needs, we establish a partnership. 

In addition, and most importantly, TMP understands that each of us has the power to really vote change into place by voting with dollars. Our definition of prosperous is more about quality of life than about dollars and cents. We intend to apply that, in every aspect of TMP, in an effort to set a proper example, politically and environmentally.

For example, we will never offer imported wood that has been treated with Methyl Bromide in our material line, nor will we accept a special request for it. We will manufacture with reclaimed wood only when we can document the history of it's origin and the sound practices used for the reclamation.




Our Staff

Elsie Ackerly, CEO, has 12 years of experience in the display fixture industry, working in many aspects, including design, manufacturing, sales, and leadership roles. Elsie is a TWI certified trainer, has knowledge and experience with lean principles, and many years in safety administration and environmental standards.


Greg Wilson, CCO, has been in the woodworking industry 42 years designing and manufacturing for the public, 19 of those years in the retail display industry. He has training and experience with lean principles of manufacturing. Greg has worked directly with customers, gaining knowledge and insight into what is important to them in a display fixture. He has an established reputation in the industry as a "display guru".



TMP Production


Our facility is an environment where all employees are validated, while engaged in producing  innovative products using lean concepts.



Trinity Mountain Products
PO Box 1538
430 Morgan Hill Road
Hayfork, CA 96041




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